Maximum performance with a large number of variants and saving potentials for the foundry

For efficient production of moulding sand FAT puts great emphasis on the self-developed and over decades constantly improved continuous mixer COMBIMIX. It is characterizes by its foundry suitable and robust construction als well as its user-friendliness and ease of maintenance. 

  • COMBIMIX type ES: For mixers with lower output, for example for core shops or for smaller moulds in a moulding line 
  • COMBIMIX type DS: For mixers used with unit sand
  • COMBIMIX type DF: For articulated mixers designed as conveyor for high performances and large moulds

COMBIMIX-mixers are available with a mixing capacity from 1t to 100t per hour and can be obtained as stationary or mobile versions. Besides the three standard types COMBIMIX ES, DS and DF we also offer tailor-made solutions, that we adapt flexibly to our customers' requirements.

Fluid chamber

Saving binder by FAT's patented dedusting stage
For any founder using unit sand FAT's patented dedusting stage (fluid chamber) is the ideal solution. During this stage the sand is fluidised and de-dusted homogeneously. This allows a binder saving of up to 20 %.

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