Bulk material technology and bulk material handling
Operationally reliable and process engineering systems for demanding bulk materials

Customized bulk technology solutions
From a like ashes to c like cement

Our comprehensive range of services in the area of power plant and industrial facilities is based on our well-founded industry and manufacturing know-how since 1985. Processes such as conveying and storing products for lime, cement, additives, and other raw materials are part of our company's core competence.

From project start to beyond the pant completion, we offer the FAT all-round service. We take our high quality standards seriously and eleminate possible disruptive factors right from the start.

Industry specialist for power plants and industrial plants

We combine both segments professionally and develop systems and components for pneumatic and mechanical conveying as well as for dosing and storage of different bulk materials.

Innovative FAT technologies and plants are used in power plants such as coal-fired power stations, waste-, sludge- and biomass incineration plants, as well as industrial plants like building materials plants, glass factories, coking plants, steel and cement works and in the chemical industry.

Our in-house manufacturing for pressure vessels in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU acc. to the AD 2000 regulation or EN 13445 enables us to design, manufacture and test them. In addition, we manufacture various accessories and components for conveying, storing and dosing bulk materials in ower own workshops.


Whether greenfield facilities, expansion or modernisation: We offer our customers comprehensive services from planning to implementation. 

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spare parts management 

Our comprehensive stock of spare and wear parts enables quick service and supports the high availability of our systems. 

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quality standards  

Ensuring the high quality of our products is one of our most important concerns. This is the only way we can meet the high demands of our customers.

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customer relationships 

With our way of working, we rely on a high level of customer satisfaction. We have long-term and successful cooperations with many of them.

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Branches and industries
Sustainable ideas require progressive technologies


We are your partner for your value-added cycle

Today's demands on a process technology supplier like FAT are high. Issues such as availability, energy and personnel costs and industry-specific regulations require a rethink of engineering. Flexible systems, easy handling and material-specific features are the requirements.

It is your individual specifications that we are dedicated to. Our technologies measurably improve your production- accuracy, productivity, quality and sustainability.

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Dust-free transport and storage   Gentle convyeing of material   High operational safety


Incineration plants

Your system supplier for the disposal and storage of ash, residues or aggregates in incineration and flue gas cleaning processes


Waste bunker


Crane system


Feeding hopper




Superheater / Evaporator


Deslaker / Ash remover


Electrostatic precipitator


Heat exchanger HE 1


Venturi /radial flow scrubber (acidic scrubber)


packed scrubber (neutral scrubber)


Heat exchanger HE 2




DeNOx catalyst


Circulating fluidized bed


Fabric filter


Fireplace / Chimney


Induced draft fan 1


Induced draft fan 2


Find the right partner for your vision of the future.

From the conveying and storage of fly ash and residual materials from flue gas cleaning, to the conveying of dust aggregates - together with you we develop solutions for tomorrow.

Our in-depth knowledge of materials in the markets of glass and ceramics, building materials and cement, steel and iron, as well as chemicals, bases on many years of property analyses and the large number of plants we put into operation.

Glass and ceramics

The conveying of aggregates such as sand, soda, lime or filter dust - dust-free, gentle on the material and reliable in operation: 
the requirements in the field of ceramic industry or in glassworks are demanding.

Pneumatic conveying and dosing Mechanical conveying Silo systems, discharge technology Components

Building materials and cement

Valuable raw materials and aggregates used in the concrete and cement industries, such as sand or lime require different conveying, storage and discharge systems.

Pneumatic conveying and dosing Air slides Mechanical conveying Silo systems, discharge technology Components


Steel and iron

For the demanding applications in the steel industry, e.g. the conveying of aggregates or conveying of filter dust conveying and we are very well positioned.

Pneumatic conveying and dosing Mechanical conveying Silo systems, discharge technology Components

Chemical industry

The areas of application for the gentle conveying of bulk materials, aggregates or filter dusts in the chemical industry are diverse and demanding.

Pneumatic conveying and dosing Mechanical conveying Silo systems, discharge technology Components


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Industrial plants and components for your production process

For the trouble-free bulk material conveying, we accompany you from material analysis, planning and development through production, assembly and commissioning to maintenance.

Pneumatic conveying and dosing

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Silo systems,
discharge technology

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