Pneumatic conveying and dosing
Highly available
technology for
trouble-free operation

Pneumatic conveying systems for optimum bulk material handling. 
Sustainable, dust-free, gentle on materials and low-wear.

Depending on the material to be conveyed and the application, different methods are used for pneumatic conveying. The selection and design of the suitable technology are very important for the trouble-free operation of the entire power plant or production facility. In order to serve its customers optimally, FAT takes advantage of its extensive wealth of experience.

Pneumatic conveying systems are particularly well suited for

  • dry fluidisable bulk materials
  • Long conveying distances
  • tight space conditions
  • Dust-free conveying

Dense phase conveying 
Low wear, low energy consumption

Dense phase conveying is realised with pressure vessels and operated with a pressure of up to 6 bar. In this way, conveying distances of up to several 1000 metres can be achieved.

Your advantages

High material loading

Low conveying speeds

Low maintenance requirements

Long conveying distances possible


Your contact for dense phase conveying

Mr. Käuser

phone: +49 2734 509-34


Thin phase conveying 
Continuous conveying by discharge system and injector

Pneumatic conveying sytems from FAT are realised (among other things), by thin phase conveying. This continuous conveying is used, for example, for the injection of adsorbents in flue gas cleaning. It is executed with a rotary valve and a "feeding shoe" or as an injector conveyor.

Your advantages

Low investment costs

Simple design

Conveying air is generated by a separate blower


Your contact for thin-phase conveying
Contact person

Mr. Käuser

phone: +49 2734 509-34


Dosing technology
Always the right dose for your discharge devices

Dosing and discharge units have proven themselves in many fields of bulk material technology. The dosing systems are carried out volumetrically or gravimetrically.

Our solutions

Rotary valves

Dosing screws

Dosing rollers

Pneumatic discharge devices with disc nozzles


Your contact for dosing technology
Contact person

Mr. Käuser

phone: +49 2734 509-34


Air slides
Horizontal conveying of large mass flows

Air slides are used to transport cement as well as fly ash and residual products from flue gas cleaning. They consist of an air-conducting lower box, an air-permeable fluid fabric and a material-conducting upper box.

The conveying air flows from the lower box via the fluid fabric into the upper box. In the process, the material is fluidised and transported downwards in the inclined trough. Air slides are suitable for dust-free horizontal conveying of large mass flows.

Your advantages

Conveying capacity up to 1.500 m³/h possible

Low conveying speeds

No moving parts, therefore hardly any wear

Simple design, therefore nearly maintenance-free

Low energy consumption, therefore very economical

High operational safety

High availability

Long service life


Your contact for air slides
Contact person

Mr. Käuser

phone: +49 2734 509-34


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